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CLEAR your life from toxic relationships and baggage, CLAIM your power and EXPERIENCE true LOVE in your life, EFFORTLESSLY. If you don't know what is stopping you from experiencing true love, we invite you to experience a powerful 'Love Breakthrough Session' at an introductory price of $175 (valued at $325) - Book your session today!

In this powerful session we will discover what is holding you back from living the most amazing, exciting, erotic, exotic, fun, meaningful, romantic, loving, sensual and sexual relationship of your life.

We will also explore what are the blockages that are causing pain in your love arena and learn what you can do right now to start your liberation path to live the most amazing love relationship you desire and you are worthy of.

Finally, at the end of your session you will have clarity to see where the real blockages are and where to focus your energy right now to start creating your Love Blueprint to live the love life your heart, body, mind and soul truly desire and has been awaiting for.

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Recently I've seen Lucia Gabriela for a few massage therapy sessions that were combined with intuition and energy healing and Wow what a help. She is truly gifted and hold some of the best sacred space. When your going through big life change and the stress is high it is great to have a safe, companionate grounded space to work from this is just what Lucia did for me and I'm so grateful!

She has a great touch and a great Heart. Being in the healing arts myself for 19 years. When you find someone to support you and walk the path with you. It's a true blessing.

T. Meyer.

“After two powerful intense sessions with Lucia I have had many breakthroughs in such a short period of time. We did a visualized meditation during my first session where I discovered that part of the difficulty I was having with healing was due to unresolved regret and guilt. I learned how to embrace my life and allow myself to be vulnerable. I was able to further delve into this regret and can say I have moved past it in a considerably short period of time. As a result these burdens have dissipated. I couldn’t have done this without Lucia’s unique coaching ability.
After our second session I was able to work on my communication issues. As a result of our call I am learning how to create a space of sacred communication in my home and working on really taking time to speak from the heart. Lucia has
helped to focus on my career and given me an interesting option that I can work on based on my life experience and my background in order to make a difference in the world and be a source of inspiration to others.

Lucia has an amazing ability to get right to the issue in remarkable speed. She has given me extensive knowledge, insight and I’ve grown so much faster than working with a therapist. Lucia is extremely inspirational, insightful, intuitive and helped me to work on several issues. She has taught me to get out of my comfort zone by pushing me in a compassionate, gentle way by asking such poignant questions to get me to think about my life in a unique way. Lucia truly cares about her clients and give you her undivided attention by creating a powerful connection with you. Working with Lucia has been such a blessing to me and I have grown considerably as a result. She has given me a unique ability to see things from a different perspective and will help you to move past your issues and live the life you truly are meant to live, from a place of love, compassion and passion.”

Stephanie R.

Lucia, before our paths crossed I had stagnated, lost myself and considered life more of an ordeal rather that the adventure it really is. You helped me shed the baggage that weighed me down far too long and you have inspired me to get back on the path of learning and reconnecting with the universe and all its wonders. I consider myself very fortunate that our paths crossed. Your patience and ability to listen and see through the “fog” so you can help me see clearly is truly a gift that you have and I am grateful you are willing to share your knowledge. You chose your path and I know you are prepared for the effort and energy that path will take to travel, thank you.

Joel F.

9 month ago i made a call in desperation to Lucia and it has changed my life in ways i never thought possible. She has taught me to look at life thru the eyes of divine and universal intent of my own life and unlimited potential. She is the kindest and most understanding person i have ever met not withstanding also the toughest person in getting to the bottom of the problem. After 30yrs. Of creating a shell to protect myself she has cracked that shell and revealed what I truly need. I would poke my head out and see what the results would be and if i didn’t like it i would pull my head back in living the same life in dispare. After a few sessions she taught me how to come out and stay out and deal with every opposition. Thank you Lucia for showing me how to live in tune with the universe.

Ivan T.

Lucia is truly great and one of a kind! Not only is she a great listener, but she intuitively knew things about me that there was no way she could know, unless she was truly connected to the light. During our initial conversation over the phone, she described how she saw me, as a fairy surrounded by a crystal ball, which exactly described a portrait of me hanging right next to me during our phone call.

Lucia immediately sensed the urgency of my situation and helped me to meditate and pray for the light, angels, goddesses and guides to help dispel the dark forces. Lucia’s work is not only important on an individual spiritual level, but on a spiritual level in general, en masse. We need more people like her, spreading the light and dispelling darkness.

Natalia D.

Dear Sacred Tantric Goddess (Lucia), I cannot thank you enough for the healing-mind opening meditation session we just had. You have helped me to uncover several stumbling blocks that have been hidden deep within my person. Now that they have come to light, I can begin the healing process.  I feel more calm and confident and will continue to practice using the tools you have given me. I have now started the healing journey in my life and can see hope in the future for overcoming my issues. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Eternally Grateful,

Greg P.